Body Treatments
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Body Treatments


Wellness Package Alpina Family, Spa & Sporthotel

Salt-Oil Exfoliation

Dead skin cells are removed in long strokes leaving your skin polished and silky smooth. Atlantic sea salt has a detoxifying effect and increases metabolism.

25 min | € 29.-

Wasserstrahlmembranmassage in der ASIA Perlmuschel

Gebettet auf einem warmen Wasserbett genießen Sie eine sanfte

25 min | € 25.-


An aromatic, gentle SOTHYS full-body exfoliation involving sugar and salt leaving your skin smooth and gently fragrant. Choose from our range of fragrances.

25 min | € 29.-

Body Styling

Partial Body Bandage Wrap

Customised wrap suited to your needs: firming, detoxifying, to help with weight reduction or reduce the effects of cellulite.

60 min | € 60.-


SOTHYS anti-cellulite treatment. A combination of exfoliation and wrap followed by an intensive massage with special extracts. Excellent skin care treatment that forms the silhouette and leaves you with a smoother appearance.

75 min | € 75.-

Firming Aroma-Algae Treatment

BIODROGA power programme for firmer skin with sea salt and algae extracts. We begin with a sea-salt exfoliation and follow immediately with a relaxing massage using firming oils. To conclude, we will be using an aroma algae body wrap to rejuvenate and vitalize the skin’s natural defenses.

80 min | € 79.-

Body Wraps in the Asia Pearl Shell

Sea Algae

Algae is a powerful full-body cleanser with purging, detoxifying effects on the system. Its high iodine content helps to reduce water retention and increase the rate of cell metabolism and blood circulation. Subcutaneous fat is reduced leaving a firmer, more toned appearance.

50 min | € 55.-


Mud or peat is known to be effective in reducing pain caused by rheumatism, muscle tension and joint abrasion. The heat produced by mud penetrates deeply making it an effective and widely used method for treating muscles and joints.

50 min | € 55.-

Healing Chalk

Healing chalk treatments stimulate circulation and metabolism and can help with tension, diseases of the joints, rheumatism and problem skin.

50 min | € 55.-


Intensely moisturizing and pleasantly aromatic, the precious ingredients of this creamy wrap leave your skin silky smooth and a joy to touch.

50 min | € 55.-